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Parenting can be challenging. We offer support.

We specialize in working with families with children ages two to seven, utilizing Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT).  We are one of the few private practices in the Bay Area offering this innovative therapy.  In PCIT we use a one-way mirror so that we can coach parents in the moment to interact more effectively with their child and manage their child’s behavior.  Because PCIT is a behavioral model which requires parental involvement and focuses on the parent-child relationship, we see an improvement in the child’s behavior at home and at school.

Today Show logoPCIT was profiled on the Today Show as a useful technique to improve the classroom functioning of a 6 year-old with ADHD. View the 4 minute video here.

Read article by researchers from Washington University in St. Louis about how PCIT can help relieve depression in children.

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