Individual Therapy

Life can seem more difficult at certain times. This can happen during a significant transition, in the middle of or after a crisis, or due to a challenging childhood. In individual therapy, we focus on supporting our clients in increasing their self-esteem, accessing their inner strength and resilience, and helping them to understand themselves better by exploring their thoughts and feelings. All of this is done in order to promote personal growth and self-reliance.


Couples therapy provides a safe environment for partners to get beyond surface emotions and to express deeper feelings. The goals are for the couple to communicate effectively, to learn healthy conflict resolutions skills and to re-build intimacy and trust. Premarital counseling can be extremely helpful in reinforcing positive communication skills and setting a strong foundation for the marriage. For couples in long-term relationships, ongoing issues can be more safely discussed in the presence of a compassionate therapist.

Family Therapy

Often, family conflicts arise due to a breakdown in healthy communication. This can happen due to a change in the family’s structure or a transition such as a new baby, a child starting school, a child’s entry into adolescence, or a child launching. We can assist families in lowering their overall stress and regaining their ability to communicate effectively with one another.


Sometimes it is more helpful to see children or adolescents individually. With younger children, we primarily use play therapy woven in with talk therapy. With adolescents we use talk therapy; at times, we will utilize art therapy to help the clients express themselves non-verbally. We offer these clients a safe and compassionate place in which to explore their thoughts and feelings.

Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

The goal of PCIT is to enhance the relationship between the parent and the child. PCIT is a short-term, evidence-based program designed for children ages two to seven. Parents and children work together in a goal-oriented, positive environment. After completing PCIT, parents report better behavior at home, at school and on the playground. We have also seen measurable decreases in parental stress and greater feelings of connection among family members. Learn more.

Group Therapy

Groups can be beneficial, either in conjunction with or in place of individual therapy. We offer a safe and supportive environment in the groups we lead. We are not currently offering any groups.

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